Thursday, July 10, 2008

Papa & No Mama

At 10 months Luka started saying pa and the occasional ma...but never twice in a row and never in the context of calling either JJ or myself. But recently during our holidays in Holland Luka started saying Papa loud and clear and there I was left broken hearted as the syllable "ma" has seemed to disappear from his vocabulary. People tell me that the "m" sound is much harder for a baby to pronounce than the "p" sound...but so still want to hear them say "mama." For now JJ will be the PROUD Papa and I will be the very proud (but a little jealous) ba, which is what Luka likes to call me.

Here is the video of the moment Luka first entertained us with his "papa" speaking can also hear him meow like a cat and throw some delicious kisses. Enjoy.

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