Sunday, July 06, 2008

Luka's Blessing

Luka was baptized in Miami on February 24th (oops still haven't uploaded those photos), but none of his Dutch relatives were able to attend the ceremony. In celebration of his baptism and to welcome him into the family he was honored with a "blessing." His Uncle Henk, who is a member of the local Catholic Church arranged the entire thing. It was perfect! The family gathered at the church in the village (yes, it was really a village) and we sang, prayed and celebrated Luka! Most of the ceremony was in Dutch, but it didn't could really feel how special it was. Marielle, his other godmother, said a few words and both sets of Dutch grandparents read out their wish for Luka. JJ and I were also asked to say something....we prayed the Our Father in English and then the family sang a beautiful canon. Did I mention that JJ's family sing like the Von Trapp Family...except they are the van Herksens! The theme for the day was the start of his new life with us and as a Christian. The funny coincidence for the day was that final song...if you translate roughly translates to the same song I sing to Luka every night before he goes to sleep. Above you can see some of the moments from the day, but for the rest of the photos visit our photo album.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,
Do you remember us? We met in Vaisson la Romaine a few weeks ago. Unfortunately we couldn't come over to your place the last day of our holiday in the Provence. Wow you are really close to us now! Still in Bedum? Maybe the three of you can visit us?
Nice pictures of Luka.
Harm Jan, Petra, Kees en Daan Tulp, Drachten, The Netherlands