Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our Family Portraits

Okay, so when I think family portraits I think sitting in Sears or Zayres (do you remember that store!!!!) infront of some funny backdrop. At least those are the portraits I remember taking growing up and I wasn't really fond of them. Now that I have my own family I was in search of the perfect photographer to take modern family portraits. Sounds easy, right....yes, if we were back in Miami or Holland. But in Maputo it was a bit challenging and then I met Solange - a mom at the school I work at....I got really lucky. She just opened a photo studio in Maputo. She is great and really captured what JJ and I were looking for. So here they are....our first family portraits. I hope Luka likes them when he is older. But who knows...by then the wacky background and posed shots might be back in style. Click here to see all the photos from our "shoot." Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa, these are beautiful. Please would you give me her contact details, I would love to have some family pics taken. Thanks