Saturday, December 08, 2007

One Week and Counting...

It has been a week since we became a family. Luka is a completely different baby than when he arrived home just 7 days ago. Just in that time he has learned how to grab things with his hands, he puts them in his mouth, he grabs his bottle, holds his head up when he is on his tummy and has discovered his feet. These are just some of the many things he couldn't do last Friday. It is amazing what love, attention and good nutrition will accomplish.

Our first week as parents has been interesting. You know getting used to having this little human being that depends on you for everything. For us it was strange...on Thursday we are a married couple with no kids and on Friday we are carrying around a baby bag. On Friday night I kept waking up and pinching myself to make sure that it was real....we finally had a son!

We can't really say it has been hard...Luka is such a great baby and at eight months he has survived an orphanage so he doesn't complain much. I predict that after a few more weeks of mommy and daddy spoiling him he will start asking for more things.

We are still getting to know him, but just after a week we have developed a routine...Boy does this child like to nap! He naps at 10 am, 3 pm, 7 pm then he sleeps from 10 pm - 6 am. I know that other parents reading this must be jealous. But I think that prior to living with us he wasn't able to rest quietly. He has also grown a lot in one week and the doctor says he is sleeping more due to his rapid growth and the greater amount of food he is getting. He already up to 9.59 lbs!!!!

What else can I tell you about Luka Dario...well, he loves his bath time as you can see from the photos above. You can see more bath time photos here.

I think I am going to sleep and wait for my 6 am wake up call. Come back to hear more about Luka and our holiday season in Mozambique. The Christmas tree went up today...Luka's first Christmas photos will come soon.

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