Saturday, December 22, 2007

Luka Keeps Growing

It has been three weeks since Luka's arrival and he is growing like weed. Yesterday we had a doctor's appointment and he weighed 5.22 kg (up from 3.6 kg). That means he is weighing 11.5 lbs! What an improvement from 8 pounds and you can definitely tell in the pictures from our album. I swear I have never been so happy about seeing a double-chin and cellulite in my life! He also grew from 55 cm to 57 cm. That is a good growth spurt for a month and it was only three weeks. Even the doctor was impressed when he sat up on his own and started grabbing things from her hand...something he wasn't even attempting on his first visit.

Life as a mother and father has been interesting to say the least. JJ and I are taking turns waking up early and at night since JJ is home on "daddy leave." He is here everyday and Luka is starting to recognize us as his parents...well I think he is.

I think the hardest thing about having a new baby is that you have to learn to do things fast or in sections. He eats almost every two hours and it takes anywhere from 30 -45 minutes to feed him. So if you count prep time you better be done with your task in about 55 minutes. Shopping is a challenge. I have become a very quick shopper. But I have noticed that most of the personal things (phone calls, emails, bills, etc.) get done when he is down for the night. You would think that I would be dead since I have been up since 5 am, but somehow you find the energy to finish what you need to do and then wake up early the next day. I would have never believed you if you told me I would be up till 12 - 1 am and up at 5 am AND function well enough to carry, change, feed a child and pop in a Barney DVD.

Today was our first walk down to the park and use of our "borrowed" stroller. I don't know if he enjoyed it. To tell you the truth he looked kind of might have been daddy's driving. The picture above was taken today.

I promise the next entry won't be about Luka....I surely must have more to talk about than my son!

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