Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween in Maputo

It is not quite Halloween yet, but the festivities in Maputo started last night. Okay, so there won't be a lot of festivities. Halloween is basically an American holiday. No one around here really gets into it...including my husband as you can tell from the photo. But I LOVE Halloween. Ever since I was little my mom would always dress us up in these fabulous I guess that tradition has stayed with me. Well, this year I didn't have any costume shops to go to so I had to get creative. I hope you can figure out from the photo above that I went as Carrie.

Luckily the US Marines hosted a party last night and my fellow Americans were into the Halloween spirit. Click here to see some of the costumes from the party. You will notice from the photos that JJ was feeling a little left out and as the night progressed he started taking pieces of other people's costume and morphed into the "Flying Dutchman." Happy Halloween!

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