Friday, July 13, 2007

Another letter from Maxwell...

This letter from Maxwell is a little dated. He actually wrote it to me on March 6, 2007, but I never got to share it with the blog. His letters are always so entertaining. Although he is getting older I think he still gets a lot of help from his grandpa (my dad). Since he wrote the letter he has learned to walk and this month he will turn one year old! Boy, how time flies.

Enjoy the letter and I hope I get another one soon:

Dear Auntie and Godmother Melissa:

I have not seeing in a while, so I suppose you have gone back to Maputo with the tall blonde guy. You were only here a few weeks, but I remembered you right away, because you look beautiful, a lot like my mommy. The thing I didn’t remember is how loving and caring you are with me. You are going to be a great mom one day. You have the ability to be patient, loving and caring. You are the only member of my family that does not mind changing my poopoo diapers!

I know I will see you soon. Don’t worry...even if I'm growing real fast according to the experts, I will never forget you and I will keep track of you thru Skype so I can see your pretty face and JJ's big head too.

I was crawling when you were here, but now I'm so fast that nobody can catch me. I like crawling better than walking. Walking is too hard, I don’t think I'm going to be able to master it in 5 months, like they said. I have no idea how to stand, unless I grab something or someone grabs me. Walking is not really a big deal. Crawling is better. I can go faster, I can get under the furniture and see how dirty it is under the sofa. The only adults that like to crawl with me are mom, dad and grandpa.

Grandpa looks funny when he crawls, I'm a lot faster than him, but he grabs my legs when I get to far ahead. He has a very hard time getting up, so I told him to stay down like me, but he apparently didn’t know what I was saying and got up.

I got a new swing at grandpa and grandma's house. When they put me in the swing for the first time, they hook the seat belt and THEY LEFT ME ALONE AND THEY PUSHED ME. It really got me by surprise, I didn’t know I was supposed to be alone on the freaking flying chair. I panicked and started crying and grandpa took me away...thank goodness! I heard they were going to try it again next time I'm at grandpa's house. I want to see someone sitting with me at the same time. It was really high and fast, even for a smart baby like me.

Well enough for now....I missed you, but I know you are thinking about me. Tell JJ I love him too. He is not handsome like Dad, but I guess he is lucky enough to be married to the second prettiest woman in the planet (after my mommy). Don’t tell any of the grandmas this because I tell them all the time they are the prettiest one!



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