Sunday, July 15, 2007

2,190 Kisses & Counting

It was three years ago today...July 15, 2004 that JJ kissed me for the first time. We are not really sure who kissed who first...but we are sure on the date. So that makes about 2,190 kisses when you average about two kisses per day. But being an optimist, I hope it is a lot more than that...we will stick to 2,190 for mathematical purposes!

Do you know how many times you have kissed your sweetie? Most of you are trying to figure it out right now...aren't you. But maybe you don't remember the date. I have my parents to thank for the "Kissing Anniversary."

Growing up every May 30th was a kissing celebration at my house. My father always got my mom a "First Kiss Anniversary" present & card calculating the number of kisses they had shared. My parents are a little romantic to say the least. Now after 34 years they still celebrate it. Let's see that means that my mom and dad have kissed a minimum of 24,820 times! That is a whole lot of kissing...

So that is the story on the anniversary we celebrate today. Remember to kiss someone special today!

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