Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cape Town...add it to your LIST

Quick...get a pencil....write this down..."I need to go to Cape Town, South Africa some time in my life!"

We just returned from an entire week of total relaxation. I have never really had one of those know those vacations where you don't have any plans or expectations, did I mention plans. For those of you who know me, you know that I am BIG on planning. But for this getaway I left my Lonely Planet at home. (I must confess it wasn't on purpose, but thank goodness I did).

JJ and I were due some R&R and we couldn't really go far, but my husband managed to surprise me with two direct tickets to Cape Town...I love my hubby! Well not only did he book the flights, but he reserved a room at the Cape Heritage Hotel. Trust me if you ever make it to this town, there is no place you would rather stay. They make you feel like you are the only guests at the hotel....this is in addition to the wonderful beds, gorgeous rooms. Did I mention they put rose petals and champagne in the room! Okay, I will stop making you jealous. Oh, they even sang for us when we left...yes, that sounds a little kooky...but it was had to be there. And don't think it is really expensive...what a bargain!

Well, back to Cape Town. With no plans, we explored the city and its surroundings. There were some incredible drives along the coast, walking in the clouds, hanging out with penguins on the beach, visiting Cape Point and looking towards the South Pole, catching HAIR the musical, whale watching of the coast (we really didn't see any whales), delicious restaurants and so much more. You can see photos of all of these things by clicking here.

So yes, I survived a week without any plans and it felt great! This "no planning" thing is starting to grow on me. I haven't made ONE list since I got back from Cape Town (a grocery list doesn't count, right?).

I will probably go back to making lists as soon as my vacation high wears off. It can't last forever. Just make sure that you don't forget to put Cape Town on your LIST.

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