Friday, May 25, 2007

So Much to Say...So Little Time

I really don't know where my time goes. I have been a really bad blogger lately. But the good news is that the summer (well winter here) is around the corner and I will have a couple of months of VACATION....finally. This is supposed to be the dairy of a Diplomat's wife...but lately I am a workaholic. But I am looking forward to a summer...there I go again saying summer. I can't get used to it being winter in May...what is up with that.

Anyway, I am looking forward to a SUMMER of rest and adventure. There is so much to do here in Mozambique, but JJ and I work so much we don't really have time to explore!

Back to the summer is so strange. This will be the first time I celebrate my birthday in WINTER. That is so strange. Actually this week has been full of firsts:

1. First time I was so cold a May morning that I had to go back upstairs for a jacket.

2. First time I was face to face with a card-holding Communist leader. The Cuban Ambassador came to speak to our 11th grade History class this week. It was very freaky for me to listen to her speak and go on and on about Fidel and how great things are in Cuba. Just to see how proud she was to be a communist was strange. I mean I am from Miami, where being called a communist is the worst thing you can call someone. It was confusing...her Cuban accent was somewhat comforting (I miss it) but the things that she was saying was just blowing me away. My family left Cuba for good reasons, so obviously I don't agree with most (anything) she was saying. But imagine she grew up her entire life in Castro's government....for her there is no other way of life. And then there is me...who grew up in a capitalist and FREE society. We are world's apart. I am still trying to digest everything that was said. But she did end her talk inviting the students and the director on an educational trip to Cuba. She asked if I wanted to go? Can you imagine: "Si Mami y voy a Cuba y Fidel me esta pagando el ticket." Ha ha ha. Sorry I just have to laugh. No, I won't be going to Cuba anytime soon...but I have to figure out what I do about the dinner invitation for you know how much I love congri!

3. This week also marks the first time I am alone in Maputo :( JJ left to Holland for a training, but the good news is that the 10 days are almost over. He is back on Sunday!

4. This weekend will be the first time I build a traditional African house. Tomorrow I wake up a 6 am and go with a group of kids from school to build homes with Habitat for Humanity. Will talk more about that later.

Okay, now that i have rambled for a bit I really should get ready for a party. Today is the 10th Anniversary of Maputo's Latin Club...whew hoo!

Promise to be a better blogger in the future.
PS At the top is just a random fun picture I took last week. Enjoy!

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