Sunday, December 24, 2006

Visiting Orphanage in Bobole

Two weeks ago I finally went back to the orphanage in Bobole (just outside Maputo) to deliver the mattresses they so desperately needed. I want to thank my friends from Florida (Alberto, Elizabeth, Kirk, Ana, Io and Jazz) for sending donations. I also want to thank my friends over at the US Embassy Public Affairs Office in Maputo for donating the transportation and the driver.

I delivered five mattresses, bunk bed frames, coloring books and crayons. They were very grateful. Click here to see pictures and videos. During the visit I was able to talk to them and discuss other items which they needed. In January they will have close to 35 orphans. I am working on getting them the following items:

- Five additional beds
- Ten mosquito nets
- Three sewing machines (they would like to teach the children to sew and this way they would be able to make their own clothes)
- Electrical wire to complete their electricity project (once they have electricity they will be able to store food in a freezer. Right now their diet consists of rice, corn meal and vegetables once in a while)

If you would like to help with a donation please send me an email at

Happy Holidays!

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