Saturday, December 09, 2006

Another Letter from Maxwell

My nephew Maxwell is almost 4.5 months now and did I tell you he is a genius. This is the second letter he wrote to me. I love receiving his letters, but I am starting to wonder if his parents know what a great writer he is. I enjoy them so much I wanted to share it with the rest of you. And did you see the photo...4 months and he can sit up all by himself. I love you Maxwell!

Dear Auntie,

I'm dictating this letter to grandpa to let you know we have moved already to our new house. The house is big and beautiful and dad painted the whole house with his friends from Nigeria and did a great job!

I have a room all by myself, but it's really far away from mom's and dad's room. But I already learned how to get back "in" with them. Every night I sleep for a little while and then I start screaming and crying and then mom takes my back to her room with dad and I sleep there the rest of the night. It looks like mom is the softy of the family. She can't help but hold me when I start crying.

By the way, I am totally OK after the operation. I'm peeing like never before. I didn't know I was so clogged down there. Even the little incision is totally closed and it doesn't hurt anymore.

Oh, I discovered laughing the other night. I was playing with mom and grandma and I started to make a funny sound because they were being silly. Mom said I was laughing for the first time. Now I make the sound when grandpa tickles me under the arms. It sounds like HA HA HA or something like that. Every time I do it, they all laugh too.

Another sign of maturity according to mom, is that I can grab stuff with my hands, especially the left one and take the stuff to my mouth. When they show me a toy I can grab it and put it in my mouth. Mommy is really into my development. She bought this boring CD with CLASSICAL baby music and she plays it every time I am in the car with her. Its sooooooooo boring. I prefer rap music myself. Daddy has great music in his car from some rappers. I like the song "You think your poop smell like roses...."but I know the song its not about me.

Well I'm in my new house, but I miss Duke. He was really nice to me...I'm not missing any fingers or toes. Grandma and Grandpa have been really nice coming here and helping with the house. Grandpa put together my new crib, but he doesn't say anything because he wants dad to take the credit.

I love you a lot and miss you more than any other auntie.



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