Sunday, October 15, 2006

Regatta in Maputo

Yesterday was a picture perfect day in Maputo. The weather was fabulous. There was just enough breeze to even call the day "cool." JJ and I spent the day at Club Naval watching a regatta. It was my first regatta. The only regattas I had seen were on TV or in movies. Although this regatta was not as grand as those I had seen on TV and the sail boats were definitely not as big...I think it was spectacular. The participants in the regatta were locals, mostly fisherman. They used their fishing boats, many of them with "homemade" sails. The first prize was $10,000...that is a whole lot of money considering these fisherman make $1-5 dollars a day!

While at the event, I heard some other people talking and they said that close to 80 locals registered in the race. I don't know if I saw 80 boats come in...maybe there were 3-4 entries per boat...that sounds about right. In any event it was great to see the faces of the winners. There were also cash prizes for second and third place.

Enjoy the was truly a unique experience for us. The day didn't end with the race. The festivities continued with a luncheon. They party had live music and interactive African drumming. Basically they distributed drums to everyone and there was a drum leader that taught and lead the crowd. Some people were great...others not so good, but everyone had FUN.

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