Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Meeting the Real Pumba

Okay, like most of you reading this right now...my only point of reference for the animals I would encounter on our first African Safari were The Lion King (movie and Broadway show) and two trips to Animal Kingdom. Oh, yeah and channel surfing through the Discovery Channel. Let me tell you....the real thing is so much better!

The first animal we met as we drove through the gates of Kruger National Park was Pumba and his family (Warthogs). From there we saw monkeys, giraffes, zebras...the list goes on and on. You are so close to the animals and at times they look at you like you just showed up to their house unannounced. You can see pictures of all the animals we saw at Our Photo Album.

In Africa when people talk about the “Big Five” they are referring to leopards, elephants, rhinos, buffalo and lions. From the Big Five we only saw elephants....but I am hopeful for our next trip. We are really lucky to live so close to Kruger National Park. Anyone that comes to visit will certainly get a trip there (HINT).

But back to the safari, in addition to all of the animals we saw, the experience was amazing. The smells are distinct, size of the bugs are out of control (that is what I was most scared of...I am such a girl...but I am over it). The sunset was...I can even describe it (You can see some of the pictures we took, but the pictures don’t do it justice). There is something about the African sky that is different from anywhere else I have been to. As JJ and I were taking our sunset safari drive I kept pinching myself because it all felt so surreal. It makes you realize how much more there is in life to see.

Enjoy the photos and we look forward to reporting on other adventures. By the way the trip started out to be a 4-day trip in Kruger and White River...but got cut short after JJ and I got food poisoning. Note to self: Don’t eat poached eggs with a secret sauce at the park cafeteria. Kruger is great...just stay clear of the cafeteria food. It was a rookie mistake!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that sure beats the zoo! Although I found the San Diego Zoo very similar to the "real" thing if there is such a thing possible in the states, haha. You seem to be living life to the fullest...I did not hear the story of the earthquake in FLA...and yes the initial photos of the apartment are very D'je Vue of your Miami spread, haha, but that is ok add some flavor while your there!!! I will keep checking back Cheeky! haha Love you! - Lee Ann