Monday, October 16, 2006

Letter from Maxwell

I really love living in Africa. Maputo has welcomed us with open arms and we have no complaints. But...there is always a but, right. I really miss being close to my family...especially my nephew Maxwell. I have been lucky enough to see him grow up the last couple of months via internet video phone (thanks to our ultra-fast connection in Maputo). I think he even recognizes my voice and even smiles when he sees my face on the screen. Seriously, what did people do before they had the internet!

In any case, this auntie is missing being an auntie! I think they told Maxwell how I was feeling so he decided to write me a letter. You could imagine my surprise when I received a letter from a three-month old baby! As a very proud aunt I have no doubt that Maxwell is a genius, but I think in this case he got a little help from his grandfather (my dad). I laughed so hard when I read the letter that I decided to share it with everyone:

Dear Auntie Melissa,

I miss you a lot. I know that I will see you soon in February, but I want to send you some pictures so you can keep track of my progress.

I love you a lot. Everybody tells me you are a lot like my mother. She smells good and she makes me laugh a lot. My dad is really big and he grabs me and pretends I'm flying. I like that a lot.

I want to tell you a secret...but you have to promise not to tell mom because she gets really weird about the subject, I LOVE FORMULA!!! She is still pumping left and right (literally) trying to make sure I have at least 3-4 rations a day.

I went to a very nice hospital and had a rough time, but mom was with me and it was not that bad anymore.

I heard you are trying to make me a cousin. Please try hard and have fun. I remember how much fun mom and dad had (especially dad) in making me.

Well, you know my writing is very limited and my grandpa doesn't let me write any adult subjects. By the way grandpa is always grabbing me and making me cry. I think "he is losing his touch" like mom says. But I feel he has good intentions.

Well I got to go, I can see mom's nipples ready for me.


P.S. As soon my mom lets me take a picture of my circumcised penis I will send you one. They did a good job, they didn’t cut any big part, just the skin. But let me tell you it was scary to see that asshole with the surgical knife grab my thingy.

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