Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hashing in Maputo with Sugar Ray the Boxer

Yesterday was my first "hash" experience in Maputo. Before you start thinking I did something naughty...let me tell you that it involved lots of walking. On the advice of a friend I went to my first Hash House Harriers walk/run. Let me tell you...I was surprised every step of the way. By the end of the day, I had beer poured over me and I had a new nickname "Too Cheeky." I won't tell you how I got the nickname...but let me tell you more about the Hash House Harriers.

Okay, I had never heard of the group. Here I thought I was going for a walk for the purpose of exercising. Uhhh, NO! The HHH is a "Drinking Club with a Running Problem." It is a large group of foreigners, expats and locals that like to have a good time, drink and somehow manage to squeeze in hour runs....and walks. Half the group (me included) are walkers.

Every week it is a different walk. This week we drove about 45 minutes outside of Maputo. The drive took us through dirt roads all the way to a place that I would have never visited if it wasn't for the HHH. The walk took us through a local village, where there were no roads. The only points of reference were train tracks, tons of goats, various fields of crops and some make shift houses along the way. We did see many locals carrying on with their weekend chores. It was great to see the country from this perspective.

I was also excited about accompanying Sugar Ray...Yes, Sugar Ray the Boxer...a dog. He is fawn and about 60 pounds...he reminds me so much of Duke. I miss you Dukie! Anyway, I had a blast with Sugar. Sugar's mommy is going into labor soon and I think I will be taking Sugar out for his Saturday Hash walks. I think he likes it more than some of the people. He even partakes in the beer break following the run.

Oh, yeah did I mention that there is lots of beer involved! Well, in any event it was fun and DIFFERENT to say the least. I don't have photos of the walk, but I should have photos of the "after party" soon. I will let you know if I get photos of me in my wet t-shirt.

As far as an update, my volunteer job as an English teacher is going great. JJ's job at the embassy keeps him very busy, but he still manages to start his weekends on Friday of the perks of the foreign service.

Our house is set and ready for friends. Paintings and curtains have been hung up with up care in hopes that many visitors soon will be there!

This week we are headed to Kruger National Park to see lions, cheetahs and anything else that gets in our way. Hopefully we will have some good photos!

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