Friday, September 15, 2006

Our Home...A Work in Progress

Finally...we have unpacked all of our boxes, built all of our IKEA and other furniture. That took a long time! Our apartment is finally starting to look like OUR home. If you are curious as to what it looks like just click on Our Photo Album for more pictures.

The colors might look familiar from our apartment in Miami Beach. We wanted the "orange wall." Our bedroom is still green. Our office is blue. The main difference with our new home is the SPACE. As you look at the photos you will see many empty walls.

I thought we had so many things. At least that is what it looked like in our 800 sq ft apartment, but now that we have 1,700 sq ft our house looks empty. I can actually run laps around the apartment! JJ and I are not used to all the space, but I guess we will grow into it.

Enjoy the photos. I didn't send you pictures of all the rooms. The other ones are too empty. More will come in the future. But to give you an idea we also have three bathrooms (we only use one) a dressing room (I wanted a walk-in closet for the first time in my life) and a guest room (anyone want to come visit?).

We are headed to South Africa this weekend. We will be staying in Nelspruit.

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Anonymous said...

I love YOUR KITCHEN!!!! The panic button scares me a little - but what home in America doesn't come with one anymore, right! Your home looks straight out of Ikea, in fact you should send them the link - it is a like a foreign commercial! It is very nice! Been in the pool yet? Looks nice - we are already in the 50's at night and mid 60's in the day (Virginia), of course you know I hate it...5 more weeks until we have a new arrival! haha We are hoping he comes right before Turkey Day! But of course as all moms know they come when they want! haha Hugs and we miss you both! -Lee Ann